Three Words: Nitrogen. Gelato. Liquid. (Not In That Order)

Outre Manila from Vincent Clarke on Vimeo.

We are in the era of the hipster, where customised VSCO filters and everything that doesn’t conform is now considered ‘cool’ to some extent. Not that the hipsters care.

I’m quite the ice cream (see: #thisiswhyimfat), and would never pass on the occasional gelato. And even more occasional, the liquid nitrogen kind. So it was a complete bummer when I had a bad stomach (also read: lactose intolerant) that day when I joined my girlfriend for a meeting at the (sorta) newly-opened Outré Manila. OUTRÉ, quite literally translates to ‘strange’, or ‘unusual’, and damn straight there isn’t anything usual in this restaurant in Circuit Makati. Fronting their store are three tanks of liquid nitrogen used to create gelato, like it was straight out of one of Breaking Bad’s outtakes – creates the right kind of excitement for the process, and not just the finished product.

It looked like a labor of love because its prepared on demand. Their bestsellers Milo Dinosaur (a robust coffee-chocolate flavor) and Happy Sally (salty-sweet caramel) look amazing and most of all, worth it. Both are priced P160. Moving on to the food that we actually ate, my first thought looking at the menu was “this better be fucking blow-my-brains-out awesome”.

Processed with VSCO with se3 preset
Potato Wedges / Sour Cream + Sweet Chili Sauce Combo *thumbs up emoji* *thumbs up emoji* *thumbs up emoji*

I now believe that this is the ONLY way I can enjoy sour cream without completely retching. Sweet chili sauce. Who knew? I knew who didn’t…me.

Processed with VSCO with se3 preset
Bulgogi Cheese Steak Sanger #BOMB

Sanger  is basically Australian slang for a sandwich. And man, I’d really like to go in a reality warp and become this sandwich, mate. The Korean sling to it was pretty awesome. But for P235? Maybe it would be even more awesome if it wasn’t too pricey.

The next time I’ll be around Circuit Makati, I’d give the Wombok Salad and the 6-Hour Beef Ragu Fettuccine a go.



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