A Open Letter to my Older Girlfriend

Now that you’ve reached another milestone in your life I’d really like to cut the crap and tell you that its not going to get better. Its going to get harder to understand why the things are what they are, and what the hell is wrong with each other sometimes. Issues are going to get rougher: paychecks will seem impossible to budget, time won’t always be around, and compromise is going to be harder to achieve.

Our metabolism won’t help – we’re going to gain more weight, feel more sluggish and make us feel like we need to give up on life entirely. Our families won’t be the most cooperative (as they sometimes are) and we’ll feel that the only thing holding our life together are the very beings that is us, together.

There are many more worthy of mentioning but it won’t be appropriate in an open letter. All I’m saying is that the rest of your life won’t be the best. But as long as you keep on keeping on, every single piece of shit flung your way by the bitch that is life will be easy to clean. Don’t give up. Keep fighting.

I love you. Last surprise na ‘to.




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