4 Reasons Why The Walking Dead’s (Really) Dead to Me

I was starting to feel that the roller-coaster ride that was AMC’s The Walking Dead‘s seasons 3-6 was going to be all loopedy-loops from then on. My friends and family were losing interest in what could be one of the best zombie apocalypse stories on the small screen, and I was thinking to myself – why am I still holding on?

Then came the finale of season 6, where TWD has betrayed me once more by leaving me hanging on a first person’s POV of being fucked in the head by a baseball bat laced with barbed wire.

What. The. Fuck. 

Those were my last words, staring at my reflection on the screen of my laptop while the bloodcurdling sound of flesh torn away by Lucille filled my girlfriend’s (@chimaap everywhere) bedroom. Then I knew what The Walking Dead was now: it wasn’t a TV series, it was a cheap goddamn joke.

Now at season 7, I’ve decided that I will only see the first episode, see who died, and if I still want to watch, then so be it. Because its easier to quit smoking 10 years, than quitting this show cold-turkey. So after suffering through episode 1, here are 4 reasons why I’m closing the (comic) book on The Walking Dead, forever.

TWD has morphed from apocalyptic drama to unbearable, shitload-of-torture drama. The gory details of cruelty of The Walking Dead‘s seasons past were easy to sweep under a rug as most of the time this actually gives way to further improve the story, or develop a certain character – but this time whether it be the first Glenn Rhee (almost) death, the cliffhanger of the 6th season finale, the 20-minute wait before our questions are answered and Negan bashes Abraham’s skull, they all felt like just schemes to promote #HYPE(insert baseball bat emoji here). The episode even added suspense when Rick was told to chop off Carl’s arm. This wasn’t a story, it was just blind, horrific violence.

Season 7 Episode 1 has projected the whole show as a hollow shell of television material. I’m not one to be against violence on TV (I’ve gone through all Game of Thrones Episode 9s and this), but TWD‘s season 7 premiere went beyond the boundaries of quality storytelling, and some of its fans’ limits as well. It begins its last few chapters as bits and pieces of its protagonists are hanging by the barbed teeth of a baseball bat (and scattered onto the ground). I mean think about it:

Rick depositing the contents of his sinuses and salivary glands all over himself to depict utter helplessness,

The facial contortion of Maggie to an expression of anguish and devastation,

Abraham’s death decidedly becomes a fake-out, and Glenn was murdered in the worst possible way.

these are tactics employed in horror films that are ended in 2-3 hours, not in a TV series opening its seventh season. Oh and the cherry on top:

Glenn’s skull barely holding on to his eyeball as he tries to be coherent with his final words.

TWD apparently has nothing but utter scorn for its viewers. Okay, okay, maybe it’s just a stupid zombie series, and gore together with cheap deaths are part and parcel of how these shows entertain, but it used to have really awe-inspiring storytelling and character development. Now we have nothing but shallow characters destined to die, and a show that pretends to be artful and bold.

Context is and always will be everything. Given the history of this TV production where sick amounts of blood are obviously sick CGI skills, its pretty surprising how the shots of Glenn’s murder was nothing but outrageous, and totally off-character. It’s not difficult to see that this as yet another example of bullying the audience’s emotions to get a cheap reaction. I mean, I was already expecting half-pregnant Maggie to be killed off just as brutally, or actually have to watch while a father divides his son’s arm in two with an axe.

JUST RESPECT YOURSELF MORE AND JUST SHOOT TWD IN THE HEAD. If there were any time to say no to this series – to exercise your will not just a viewer but as a human being – that time is now. Actually, it was 4 nights ago. We all witnessed a psychopathic display of cruelty and contempt, all for the attempt to confirm allegiance and submission to the show that is The Walking Dead.

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