Begin Your Long-Awaited Journey to Watercolor Painting Here

Starting a new hobby in watercolor painting doesn’t need to be scary (or frustrating). A few simple supplies and techniques are all you need to get started. Last April 2, local watercolor artist Tin Bejar had a small private class, aptly named “Watercolor Sessions”. It was a gloomy Sunday noon for all of us – which was a little bit weird for the 2nd day of April in Manila. It was still sticky warm, though the cool environment of the class clearly made up for it.

Tin Bejar up close and personal

One-on-ones with Chi

Tin, who works in the IT industry, started in watercolor painting 3 years ago and made a comeback to the visual arts last year. A heavy smoker, she claims that her watercolor painting became a conduit to putting a full stop on her 7 years of smoking.

My gf so serious

Most of the participants are new to watercoloring (if not to visual art, as a whole) but being the laid-back person she naturally is, the daunting task of creating art became everything but that. I can’t tell you much of the details of the class, but with the patient demonstrations of strokes and the actual drill contests (with pretty cool prizes!), you wouldn’t think its Tin’s first class. Everything flowed pretty smoothly.


You could follow Tin Bejar’s Instagram here for more of her “art shenanigans”.


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